The Perfect Thank You Gift For Chicken Babysitting

Any Homesteader can tell you that finding someone to care for your livestock is not the same as finding someone to feed your fish while you are gone. The sheer logistics alone can be a nightmare, much less the specialized knowledge of how to find where the broody hen keeps hiding her eggs. While recovering from a broken leg I realized that winter would catch me before I could build a winter coop out on my farm in the next town.

I could probably sneak a few hens into my subdivision, but the surprise Rooster in my flock would jeopardize the whole mission. This is the moment the Homesteader’s Hero enters the scene. My Homestead Hero is Amy. Amy is a force of nature who at one point had a huge garden, Southdown Baby Doll Sheep, Laying Hens, Cow Dogs, Cats and would can up a batch of peaches on a whim! Amy rose to the challenge of caring for the extra hens and noisy rooster like a champ.

What can you give such a brave soul? A fancy advent calendar was a fantastic idea; but…they sell out within just a few days of hitting the stores. What about creating an advent calendar of our own that let’s my Homestead Hero know how much I appreciate the support in my Homesteading Adventure? Yeah, that might work!

What you need is a way to give something useful to your Homestead Hero while also letting them know how very special they are to you. We could have just bought a cute kit to fill, but I decided to take it one step further. It took a little while and some driving around, but we located 24 little ‘surprises’, wrapped them all different and numbered them. After the monotony of 2020, my Hero really enjoyed it. Just an idea for next time you need to thank someone special.

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